jotasync 0.3.0

Changes in jotasync 0.3.0

  • OPT: Major UI improvements.
  • NEW: A history browser, tab number two, has been added.
    NOTE: Users upgrading from an earlier version has to copy the file ~/.config/jotasync/jobs.json to ~/.config/jotasync/jotasync.profiles when the ‘server’ isn’t running. Existing history will be lost from the UI, but it’s there in the jobs.json. This was done in order to separate history from settings. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

mapollage 1.0.7

Changes in mapollage 1.0.7

  • FIX: Tab enablement
  • FIX: Don’t append information tab content
  • FIX: Check for write permissions before file scan
  • FIX: Create thumbnail directory after file scan

mapollage 1.0.6

Changes in mapollage 1.0.6

  • OPT: Allow zoom values down to 1.0
  • FIX: It’s now possible to cancel operation during file scan
  • FIX: Exclude now respect OS case sensitiveness
  • FIX: Handle images with no exif and percentage sign in filename correct

mapollage 1.0.5

Changes in mapollage 1.0.5

  • NEW: Mapollage is now mac friendly
  • NEW: Added menu mode switching (bar/button)
  • NEW: Added progress indicator
  • NEW: Added an option to open generated file after completion
  • NEW: Added help menu link
  • NEW: Added thumbnail as an image reference
  • OPT: Improved default values
  • FIX: Minor UI improvements and fixes

mapollage 1.0.4

Changes in mapollage 1.0.4

  • NEW: Exclude file path containing filter.
  • OPT: Improve messages and error handling
  • OPT: Rotate thumbnails
  • OPT: Add .jpg extension to thumbnails
  • FIX: Create folders by regex
  • FIX: Absolute image reference on windows