Windows command line options

Due to some logic in the java exe wrapper launch4j I have got a report of some unexpected behavior when using my tools filebydate, jotasync and mapollage from the command line on Windows.

In launch4j, it is possible to classify an exe as a TUI _or_ GUI application, this will cause the exe to call the java or javaw command.

Calling java will always create a console window too and calling javaw will never display text output.

This is not what we want for my tools since they are combined GUI/TUI applications.

The solutions is pretty simple, just force the exe to start with java.exe.


java -jar mapollage.exe --help

I have created some helper bat files that will be included in the next release of each tool, until then, just download the manually.


FileByDate 1.1.0

Changes in FileByDate 1.1.0

  • OPT: Improved configuration file management.
    NOTE: Users upgrading from an earlier version should be aware of that the new profiles are stored in ~/.config/filebydate/filebydate.json. The old ones are located in filebydate.profiles. This was done in order to improve configuration management. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.
  • OPT: Minor UI tweaks
  • OPT: Updated dependencies