Windows command line options

Due to some logic in the java exe wrapper launch4j I have got a report of some unexpected behavior when using my tools filebydate, jotasync and mapollage from the command line on Windows.

In launch4j, it is possible to classify an exe as a TUI _or_ GUI application, this will cause the exe to call the java or javaw command.

Calling java will always create a console window too and calling javaw will never display text output.

This is not what we want for my tools since they are combined GUI/TUI applications.

The solutions is pretty simple, just force the exe to start with java.exe.


java -jar mapollage.exe --help

I have created some helper bat files that will be included in the next release of each tool, until then, just download the manually.


jotasync 0.3.0

Changes in jotasync 0.3.0

  • OPT: Major UI improvements.
  • NEW: A history browser, tab number two, has been added.
    NOTE: Users upgrading from an earlier version has to copy the file ~/.config/jotasync/jobs.json to ~/.config/jotasync/jotasync.profiles when the ‘server’ isn’t running. Existing history will be lost from the UI, but it’s there in the jobs.json. This was done in order to separate history from settings. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.