FileByDate Documentation


FileByDate is a tool that  moves and copies files to a destination directory based on either file or exif dates and the user specified date pattern. FileByDate can also be run from the command line.


Settings are stored in profiles that you can run from the gui or from the command line. Profiles can be added, removed, renamed and cloned.

Source directory

The starting point for the file scanner.

Destination directory

The destination base directory, sub directories will be created as specified in date pattern.

File pattern

Define what files to match using glob.

Date source

Specify which date source to use.

Date pattern

The date pattern defines the date based directory structure, the slash character “/” is used as a sub directory creator.


Select Copy or Move operation.

Follow links

If checked, the file scanner will follow links.


If checked, the file scanner will travel sub directories.


If checked, existing files will be replaced.

Base name

Force the base name to lower case, upper case or leave unchanged.


Force the suffix to lower case, upper case or leave unchanged.


The options dialog allows you to select a “calendar language”.