mapollage 1.0.7

Changes in mapollage 1.0.7

  • FIX: Tab enablement
  • FIX: Don’t append information tab content
  • FIX: Check for write permissions before file scan
  • FIX: Create thumbnail directory after file scan

mapollage 1.0.6

Changes in mapollage 1.0.6

  • OPT: Allow zoom values down to 1.0
  • FIX: It’s now possible to cancel operation during file scan
  • FIX: Exclude now respect OS case sensitiveness
  • FIX: Handle images with no exif and percentage sign in filename correct

mapollage 1.0.5

Changes in mapollage 1.0.5

  • NEW: Mapollage is now mac friendly
  • NEW: Added menu mode switching (bar/button)
  • NEW: Added progress indicator
  • NEW: Added an option to open generated file after completion
  • NEW: Added help menu link
  • NEW: Added thumbnail as an image reference
  • OPT: Improved default values
  • FIX: Minor UI improvements and fixes

mapollage 1.0.4

Changes in mapollage 1.0.4

  • NEW: Exclude file path containing filter.
  • OPT: Improve messages and error handling
  • OPT: Rotate thumbnails
  • OPT: Add .jpg extension to thumbnails
  • FIX: Create folders by regex
  • FIX: Absolute image reference on windows