My name is Patrik Karlsson Karlström, and I am an open source programmer as well as an avid Linux user since 2006.

Here you’ll find a variety of projects that I develop. You can keep up with my work by reading my blog or over at github.

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  1. Hey Patrik!

    Mapollage is a great program!

    I have used your program for a few of my projects but I have encountered some issues where my photos are upside down. I assume this may be due to the orientation of the camera when taking the photo? Is there are a way to reorient the photo to make it in the correct orientation?


    1. Thanks,

      Mapollage makes use of the orientation tag in the image, if that is wrong, things get wrong in Mapollage.
      You’ll need to use a program such as exiftool in order to change it before feeding it to Mapollage.

      Good luck!

  2. Hi Patrik re Mapollage dificulties, using Windows 10
    I can get Mapollage to work quite nicely, thanks, but have been unable to customise the descriptions for the images.
    I’m not expert so please bear with me.
    I have a collection of photos with a variety of exif and iptc metadata but can’t seem to get specific tags recognised in the ‘customised’ panel.
    As a different line of attack I’ve been experimenting with the ‘external file’ button and altering the user\config mapollage_descriptions text file to direct it to but it reverts back to default.
    I’m hopeful that there is some advice / help you could give that might point me in the right direction please?
    Cheers Mike

    1. Hi Mike,
      There is only support for the listed tags. The custom bit lets you specify their order and any strings before and after.

  3. Hello Patrik,
    I encounter a problem with Mapollage in combination with Google Earth Pro and I have no idea how to fix it. When I execute the Mapollage app, I see my pictures in Google Earth Pro under the map Temporary Places. Everything looks OK. Then I execute Save to my places. This is also OK. When I then close Google Earth Pro and I restart the program, the same KML file is present but my pictures are not longer visible.
    Another problem that I have is the following: when I import the KML file created in Mapollage in Google maps to create a new map, the pictures are also not visible. In the link here below I send you all the details:
    I hope that you can solve my problem.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Regarding your first issue, could it be as simple as that the “time slider” is set too tight? I know it was for me when testing now.
      An alternative is to uncheck Placemark/Timestamp in Mapollage.

      I haven’t tried uploading it to Google Maps so I’m unable to provide any help with that. Perhaps you should create a kmz in Google Earth so that your pictures gets bundled with your kml.

  4. Hi Patrik,

    I downloaded Mapollage a few days ago and think it is awesome. I am a surveyor and take pictures in the field to document things I see. The program will be a great way to share my pictures with others. Is there way for me to support your work?

    Thank you very much for sharing your projects.

    1. Hi Dwayne,
      I’m happy to hear that you like Mapollage.
      Regarding support; feedback, requests and bug reports are always welcome! 🙂

      I’m also working on a new project called Mapton, among other things, it has a simplified version of Mapollage integrated under the name of ‘Photos’.

      Check it out at https://mapton.org

    1. I would say that it depends on a couple of things, some of them being
      1. Your hardware specification
      2. The number of photos
      3. Your mapollage configuration (thumbnail creation)
      4. The number of files you are scanning an if they reside on your computer or not.

  5. i am running your tool mapollage-1.1.1 on Windows 7 x64 system. I have no program using the GUI, but i cannot make it work from command line. here is an example:
    C:\Downloads\mapollage-1.1.1>mapollage.exe -v

    nothing was displayed on the window.

    I am not sure what is going on here.


    1. Thanks for reporting that, I can confirm I got the same odd behavior on Windows.
      The output is displayed if using the cygwin terminal though.

      I will have a look at this.

  6. Hello, How may I customize the default pin symbol to something more relevant to my work? I’m not a programmer but if you can direct me to where the code exists and how to access it, I think I could make a change. Thank You!

  7. Thank you very much for the new version of jotasync 0.3!
    Where are my configured jobs of jotasync 2.9 (stored in ~/.config/jotasync)?

    Best regards,


    1. To make it clear: The file ‘jobs.json’ is still there, but I can’t see the jobs on the big buttons in jotasync.

    2. Hey there, thanks for the feedback!

      There was a change in the config files too, I just added the red part in https://trixon.se/projects/jotasync/
      Just copy or rename the file and your settings will pop right back.

      Sorry about that, I did not know there were any users of jotasync.

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